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The institution known as the greatest wine library in the world is only getting better with age. Recently, two of the most influential wine writers alive today donated their entire collections to UC Davis University Library’s already substantial collection, which focuses on the work of wine writers. Hugh Johnson, author of the World Atlas of Wine, bequeathed his archive of nearly 60 years of wine-book writing, followed by British wine writer Jancis Robinson donating 40 years’ worth of papers. In addition, Napa grape grower, winemaker, land preservationist, and philanthropist Warren Winiarski gave the library a $3.3 million gift, which MacKenzie Smith, university librarian and vice provost of digital scholarship at UC Davis, says, “will further build the wine writers’ collection and make these works more accessible to researchers and the public.” She adds, “The wine writer collection can be used not only as a lens through which to understand the evolution of wine, but also, as Mr. Winiarski envisions, a resource to improve the very making of wine.”