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In this edition of the Future Fridays series, Andrew Bretano, co-founder and CEO of Tiny Farms Inc., explains how cricket protein may help save the world. In his What’s the Big Idea? talk at the Winter Fancy Food Show, Brentano says, “Eating bugs is not a new idea. People have been eating insects around the world forever.” By identifying a sustainable way to farm crickets, Brentano’s company is able to feed countless people for a fraction of the resources needed to raise livestock or agriculture. In addition, farming crickets emits less greenhouse gases as well, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. “There is no guidebook for how to grow crickets. You can’t call up your local agriculture office and ask. But we wanted to create a sustainable solution for everyone, so every farmer can get it up and running.” Though it may be a little gross to some, Brentano notes that the “ick” factor is decreased by turning the crickets into powder, which can then be added to everyday products like chips, sauces, pasta, energy bars, or even pet food.

View Bretano’s full What’s the Big Idea? talk above as part of SFA’s Future Fridays series.