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For this Future Friday installment, Nicolas Mendoza, founder and CEO of OneForNeptune, speaks on sustainable seafood consumption. In his What’s the Big Idea talk from the Winter Fancy Food Show, Mendoza explains how he transitioned from marine science and sustainable aquaculture researcher to snack industry innovator, noting, “As soon as I looked into the direction of the [snack] market, it was obvious that consumers were hungry for something healthier, and that in the three billion dollar meat snack space, more and more people were moving away from resource-intensive and, at times, unhealthy red meat for alternative options.” OneForNeptune uses sustainably sourced white fish to create a jerky that appeals to those looking for a healthier snack, as well as those who want to help save the environment.

View Mendoza’s full talk above as part of SFA’s Future Fridays series.